Prof - Submission Details

Submission Details

Testing Details, files and instructions are part of a submission. This will explain each option in detail.

  1. Create test name.  This is the name the student will see.

    The testing center can add Instructions to help professors name their exams.


  2. Upload file. (Optional).  Click the Browse button to find the file to upload. Double-click on file to upload.

    If you have a paper exam, attach it here for the testing center to download. You can also attach supplemental files concerning this specific exam.


  3. Add additional file to the test. You can upload more than one file to a submission.


  4. Apply to testing center. Please answer all questions. Not all of these questions are available for all professors.

    • Assign to testing center exam. 
      The Exam Group(s) to which your exam should belong. The testing center has loaded your choices.
    • Select test open and close dates.
    • Add allotted minutes for exam.
      Choose length of exam (in minutes).  Please do not add extra time. This should be the allotted amount of time expected to finish the exam (eg.
       60 minutes, 120 minutes). 
      These answers cannot be edited by the professor after being submitted. Only the testing center can edit the start date, close date and allotted minutes after submission.


  5. Submit to other campuses. Select the box of the campuses needed to allow submissions to cross to multiple campuses.

  6. Select needed information. These are the questions the testing center needs to know in order to proctor the exam. Please answer all questions.

  7. Add additional instructions.

  8. Click Submit

    The testing center will activate the exam on their end to make it available for online registration.