Exam Registration

Welcome to Selkirk College Assessment Services Centre (Zoom Professional and In-Person Proctoring Services). 

If you do not see your institute/agency listed in the drop-down selections then email us WELL PRIOR to booking.  We will NOT issue REFUNDS for errors made - be 100% certain before you pay and book as your institute or agency may pay for your exam. Email us at: exams@selkirk.ca

Zoom Professional Proctoring For:

-Typing Tests

-CRT Youth-Train-In-Trades ONLY (YTIT) (No IN PERSON Options for this - ZOOM Only - Select "Zoom Professional Proctoring" - then CRT.

Zoom Professional Proctoring Requires:

-a desktop or laptop (NO chrome books, i-pads, or phones)

-audio and webcam

-strong internet (40 Mbps - test at fast.com) connectivity for the length of your testing (Note: Chromebooks for CRTs can now be used.)

We may be able to proctor other External Exams over Zoom. Please check with your institution FIRST to see if they approve this option PRIOR to booking/payment as we are unable to refund.  Kindly email us at exams@selkirk.ca for further information or updates. We do not issue refunds for accidental bookings

**All our times are Pacific Time (Canada)

**Note: NO REFUNDS issued under any circumstances.   Kindly email us at exams@selkirk.ca before purchases if you are uncertain and your exam is not listed.

** Note: OWNER BUILDER'S- Please select the appropriate testing option "External Exam - Paid by Your Institute" box and DO NOT PAY (Self-Pay) unless you have been specifically asked to pay.