Exam Registration

For Humber and University of Guelph Humber Students:

If you are currently enrolled as a Humber or UGH student and cannot locate your exam on this page, or if you landed here by clicking on "We do not have a test for you. View the full list of exams here", it means that your professor has not yet submitted their exam to Testing Services. In this case, kindly reach out to your professor to address the issue.

Please do not schedule an 'External Exam', as this option incurs an $80 cost and is exclusively intended for students who are not enrolled at Humber/UGH.

For External Students:


Access Codes - You must have an access code to register for an external exam, if you have not received your external access code, please email: testingservices@humber.ca.

Important information - After entering your access code, you must hit the enter key or the tab key on your keyboard to move forward.

Proctoring Fee - There is a $80 proctoring fee per assessment, this includes a non-refundable $4.00 registration fee. Only 1 assessment can be written per-appointment.