Exam Registration


Various Admissions assessments are booked through this virtual site. Each assessment is different. 

For all  virtual (remote) Admissions tests, Activate your Moodle account before test day.

Go to: https://community.moodle.kpu.ca/login/index.php  and log in with your KPU student ID. This activates your Moodle account.        

  • When you book an admission test (EPT, MPT or Vocational Trades Math or English), you will receive a confirmation email from KPU Assessment and Testing Services with all the required instructions for getting ready to take the test.
  • If you are booking an English Upgrading Assessment: The Faculty of Academic and Career Preparation will contact you directly within 72 hours with all test instructions for your remote/virtual assessment.

Important: If you do not live more than 100kms from a KPU campus you may not take a virtual/remote Admissions test. Contact testing@kpu.ca to reschedule for an on-campus test and avoid cancellation without refund.

You will be asked to verify your address to confirm that you live outside the 100km limit to qualify for a remote admissions test.