Access students - remote or on-campus exams

Access students:

Are you studying remotely, on-campus or both? Need to figure out how to book? 

  • If you are taking a Fully online course then it is unnecessary for you to come onto campus to do your exam. The instructor can simply extend their time on Moodle to allow for your extended time while doing the test from home. If you want to come to campus to do your exam, you are more than welcome to book with us on RB.
  • If you are taking an online or remote course, and you have accommodations that requires our staff (reader/scribe) or specialized equipment/software, you should book a time to come to the campus to do this in person. 
  • If you studying remotely (out of town/unable to come to campus), and you have above mentioned accommodations, you can book an access exam for any campus and then email to let us know that this needs to be done remotely.  There is no remote booking option for Access exams on our RB site. (
  • If you are taking an online course with all exams on campus, you should book your exam in our test centre.

If you are unsure which option applies to you, call our ATS support line: 604-599-2368