Mission Statement

Our Mission:

  • VIU’s Assessment Services supports student success and commits to best practice standards for assessments.
  • We bring this vision into reality by providing a technologically advanced, secure, and welcoming testing environment that supports test taker success and opens pathways to academic and career opportunities.
  • Assessment and Services values high standards of customer service, exam security, collaborative relationships, and revenue generation and data collection that positively impacts student success.
  • The stakes of all of the exams we administer are significant, including midterm and final subject exams, graduate or professional school admissions tests, professional certification and licensure tests, and job selection tests.
  • We ensure the standards surrounding exam security and administration are fairly and consistently upheld.
  • The various foundation skills assessments results we generate and interpret are a reliable method to support placing a student in a program or course to ensure they are likely to meet with success.