All of the events.
None of the sweat.

Create and share any event in just a few clicks. We're talking orientation, workshops, counseling, intramural games... all of them. Registration is online and on the money.

Every event across campus. Right at your fingertips.

  1. Create.

    The event builder takes you step by step regardless if the event is simple or complex.

  2. Share.

    Put your event in the community spotlight with a branded event portal.

  3. Manage.

    See your event's big picture with reports, revenue monitoring, and queue management.


  • Each event has a simple profile for easy management.
  • Your staff sets the "who, what, when, and where" for a registration.
  • Set up one-time only events or reoccurring events.
  • Create venue details with Google Maps integration.
  • View big-picture reporting and analytics.
  • Add custom questions in the registration process.
  • Manage event rescheduling and canceling needs.
  • Create ticketed events with virtual tickets.
  • Enjoy payment processing integration for simple transaction management.
  • Automatically end registration availability with deadline options.
  • Build complex seating assignments.

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