anything is possible.

You know what's funny? This is the "About Us" page, but it really isnt about us at all. It's about "us" as in our clients and us. And together, we have proven over and over again how higher education scheduling gets done. Let's team up for some more wins.

We are more than a product
and you are more than a client.

Years ago, long lines and tons of paperwork were the norm for higher education institutions. It was awful.

In 2004 RegisterBlast started asking questions. Could the registration process be simplified? What if we could get rid of the paperwork so staff can actually get stuff done? How can we reduce the wait time for students?

We answered those questions and made life way easier for a handful of colleges, universities, branch campuses, and technology schools.

Now, those answers have helped hundreds of institutions all across the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

We've changed how work gets done thanks to a simple, effective product. And we learned something else along the way as well... the power of meaningful relationships. Our clients have become colleagues and friends. Their ideas have fueled what we do. So to sum it all up... if you have a need, we meet it. It's that simple. Let us show you how we do it.

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Strong team. Big ideas. All heart.

The soul of RegisterBlast lives in the personalities, skills, and experiences of it's team.

  • Dwight Pittman

    Chief Executive Officer

    As founder, Dwight desired to create a company reliant on client footprints to shape our platform's tools and features. This continues to be a pillar of service for RegisterBlast all these years later.

  • David Broome

    Chief Technology Officer

    With a reputable 20+ year career, designing secure, high profile, high-performance web systems, David has consulted with RegisterBlast's client base to make the platform the culmination of his expertise.

  • Kyle Gregory

    Software Developer

    No stranger to education, Kyle began his career working in Higher Education. Armed with knowledge of the day-to-day needs of institutions, he now focuses on building RegisterBlast into an effective product.

  • Cindy Pittman

    Accounts Manager

    Managing client accounts can be hard work. Managing the squirrel-chasing misfits of our team may be harder still. Cindy's care for our clients and our team make it easy to put down the squirrels and get the job done.

  • Teri Moore

    Product Specialist

    The solutions to our client's problems are found in the thought-provoking and challenging conversations Teri finds herself in every day. She believes this is both a source of joy and great satisfaction.

  • Michele Pratt

    Product Specialist

    Be knowledgeable enough to quickly answer a client's question. They depend on our help to do their job to the best of their ability. This is Michele's guiding principle to building strong client relationships.

  • Hall Pittman

    Client Relations

    No stranger to engaging with clients through day-to-day marketing strategies and conversations, Hall is driven on building strong relationships and working alongside his family as part of RegisterBlast.

  • Brandon Hale

    Creative Director

    Finding the right answer requires the strengths and weaknesses of every voice in the room. Brandon has thrived on this approach to visual communication and feels right at home in the RegisterBlast community.

  • Katherine Broome

    Product Specialist

    Katherine is excited to find solutions to problems and share new information with our clients. With many years of experience in support services, she is always ready to lend a helping hand.

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