Get started with Zoom integration.

Connect Zoom to your RegisterBlast Campus.

Link your exam and/or resource registrations to Zoom via RegisterBlast's Zoom app. When you connect your campus to Zoom, you can schedule Zoom meetings with either the Exam or the Resource registration tools.

Installation of RegisterBlast's Zoom App

The RegisterBlast Zoom app can be installed either from the Zoom Marketplace or within the RegisterBlast application itself.

Before you install

Ensure the following before you begin the instillation process:

  • You are an admin within your Zoom account.
  • You are a full admin on your RegisterBlast campus.
  • If you sign in to RegisterBlast via Single-Sign On (SSO) via your institution, use Option 2.

Option 1: Installation via Zoom Marketplace

From RegisterBlast's Zoom app marketplace listing, choose Install. This will take you to the RegisterBlast website.

  1. Choose an installation location. For institutions within Canada ( choose Canada. For all other institutions including those located within the United States and Internationally, choose "US/International."
  2. If you are not already signed in to RegisterBlast, you will be asked to sign in. Use your admin credentials. You will need to use your RegisterBlast account email/username and password for this step.
  3. Finally, enter the campus short name for your institution's RegisterBlast site.

The Zoom Marketplace authorization (OAuth) screen will appear and request permission to your Zoom account. Please review the permissions and when ready Authorize the RegisterBlast application. You will be returned to the RegisterBlast administrative tools to configure the integration.

Option 2: Installation via RegisterBlast

Before staring the installation process, please sign into the administrative tools within your campus on RegisterBlast.

  1. Visit the Zoom installation page at the following address according to your campus location. Replace "campus" with your institution's unique short name:
  2. Choose "Authenticate with Zoom" to begin the authorization process.

The Zoom Marketplace authorization (OAuth) screen will appear in a pop-up window and request permission to your Zoom account. Please review the permissions and when ready Authorize the RegisterBlast application. The pop-up window will close, and you will be returned to the RegisterBlast administrative tools to configure the integration.

Configure the Zoom Integration

The Zoom integration can be integrated into either the Exam or the Resource (if enabled) registration tools. The integration currently only supports scheduling with Zoom meetings. Follow the steps below to enable the integration within these tools.

Exam Registration

Under the Manage Exam Zoom Users section you will enable Zoom accounts to be available to create meetings for Exam Registrations.

  1. Select "Assign Exam Users"
  2. From the dropdown that appears select one or more zoom users to enable.
  3. Select "Enable" to enable the selected accounts.

To enable the scheduling on either an Exam or Exam Group, follow the steps below. The steps for Exam are the same steps to enable meeting scheduling within the Exam Group. Exams can inherit settings from their Exam Group(s), while Exams can override settings from their Exam Group(s).

  1. Navigate to the Exam/Exam Group administration page.
  2. Edit or create an exam/exam group to enable meeting scheduling.
  3. From the "Video Conferencing" field, choose "Zoom." Group Default allows the settings to be inherited from the Exam Group(s). Exam Group will default to Disabled.
  4. The field "Conferencing Organizer" will show. By default, the meeting can be manually scheduled after the registration, or a zoom account can be selected to automatically schedule the meeting with the selected account.
  5. Save your Exam/Exam Group to confirm the settings.

Resource Registration

Under the Manage Zoom User to Resource assignments section you will assign a Zoom account to one or more Resource accounts.

  1. Select "Assign Resources"
  2. First select a Zoom account to assign.
  3. Then select one or more Resource accounts to assign the Zoom account. Note: A Resource can only be assigned to one Zoom account at a time.
  4. Select "Assign" to assign the Zoom account to the Resource(s).
  5. Repeat this process for the Resources you want to assign. Select "Close" to close the modal when complete.

Once assigned, a resource will be able to manually schedule a meeting to any Resource Appointment. To automatically schedule meetings when appointments are scheduled, enable the Video Conferencing settings within the Resource's Appointment Type.

  1. Navigate to the Appointment Type tools under Resources.
  2. Edit or create an appointment type.
  3. Under the "Video Conferencing" field, choose Zoom to enable automatic scheduling.
  4. Save the Appointment Type.

Meetings will be scheduled if the Resource has a Zoom account assigned and the Appointment Type is enabled for video conferencing.

Uninstallation of the RegisterBlast Zoom App

Uninstallation may be achieved through either the RegisterBlast application or through the Zoom Marketplace. Both options result in the application removal from RegisterBlast.

Option 1: Via RegisterBlast

  1. Visit the Zoom installation page at the following address according to your campus location. Replace "campus" with your institution's unique short name:
    • US/International:
    • Canada:
  2. Choose Deauthorize Zoom and confirm your choice in the dialog that appears.

Option 2: Via Zoom Marketplace

  1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the RegisterBlast app.
  3. Click the RegisterBlast app.
  4. Click Uninstall.

Please note the following about uninstallation:

  • If you authorized the application on multiple campuses, deauthorizing one campus will deauthorize all campuses. If you need to deauthorize without affecting all campuses, please contact support.
  • Following your data compliance setting pertaining to the removal of user data on uninstall, all user related data from zoom will be permanently removed. We cannot recover removed data nor reassociate data if the app is re-installed.
  • Uninstalling while there are outstanding Exam or Resource appointments may have unintended consequences. If possible, please disable scheduling and uninstall the app once all appointments have been fulfilled.

Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions

Q: During authorization, I receive a "You cannot authorize the app" message.

A: RegisterBlast's application must be able to schedule for any zoom user on the account. The Zoom API requires a user with administrative privileges to authorize the integration. Please reach out to your institution's Zoom administrator for further help.

Q: My meeting was set to automatically schedule, however no meeting was scheduled. This affects only one Zoom account.

A: The Zoom API limits the ability of one Zoom user to schedule up to 100 meetings in a 24-hour period (Resetting at 00:00 U.T.C.). The Zoom user may have exceeded this limit. If so, manually schedule the meeting using the administrative tools. If the same account is scheduling multiple meetings, considering creating an additional account to schedule some of the meetings.

Q: No meetings are being scheduled, regardless of user account.

A: Ensure the Zoom OAuth token is still valid. The authorizing admin can visit the Zoom integration page on RegisterBlast, hover over the three dots on the page, and choose Refresh Token. If the token has been invalidated, it will cause the authorization flow to begin and restore the token.

Q: All appointments were canceled or rescheduled, but I still see a meeting within my Zoom account.

A: The RegisterBlast application does not delete meetings even if all attendees have been canceled or removed from a meeting. This allows additional participants to schedule later, without having to create a new meeting via the API. If you have removed the appointment slot from the schedule for the exam or resource, you may safely remove the Zoom meeting from your account or allow it to expire.

Q: Can I schedule video conferencing meetings for my "Schedule Appointment" exam registrations without a date/time.

A: Absolutely. While it is possible to schedule a meeting for the "Schedule Appointment" exam registrations, the application cannot do it automatically. Instead, you will choose to schedule the meeting when you schedule the exam appointment.

Contact Support

We're available 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (CST), Monday through Friday. Our support staff makes every effort to respond in the same business day. Please feel free to reach out to us via email or visit our support page.

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